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    Welcome to Just Seaweed

    We sell the most comprehensive range of mail order seaweeds in the UK, Hand harvested from tested waters, guaranteeing top quality organic seaweeds.

  • Natural Organic Skincare

    We harvest kelp seaweeds for spa bathing. Taking a bath with seaweed isn't as crazy as it sounds; it has been around for hundreds of years. The Greeks called it Thalassotherapy Seaweed bathing can reduce arthritic aches and pains and ease symptoms of eczema and psoriasis.

  • Organic Quality

    Food Standards and Organic Quality
    We are a registered primary food producer with Argyll and Bute Council. We meet Scottish Food Standard Agency food health and hygiene regulations. We have applied the HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) method for quality.

A Quick Guide To Our Healthy Edible Seaweed 

Kelp seaweed's are packed with vitamins A,C,E,S,K,G,B12.  
Seaweeds are also high in minerals and trace elements NA, K, CA, MG, ZN, FE.
some Sea vegetables are very high in protein Up to 30% of their dry weight and can contain 15 common amino acids

All our seawed is hand harvested here on the isle of bute scotland.

you can buy our range in three forms.

Fresh and raw. just like any other vegetable fresh is best, harvested to order direct from local waters simply washed in tap water then posted same day, 

Dried whole leaf or ground. ideal for long shelf life   hung dried in our work unit you can buy whole leaf or ground to a small grain  just add to any meal as and when you like.

Three main types of sea-veg. 

Brown kelps. Channel wrack, Sea sprigs, Bladder wrack, Atlantic kelp (kombu) Sweet kelp. 

Red purple. Dulse (Dilisk) Carrageen (Irish moss) purple laver (Nori) mainly spring and summer

Green. Sea lettuce, green nori (Sea grass) 




Seaweed for spa baths

I harvest serrated wrack seaweed which has been used for generations for skin care and to ease aches and pains

Thalassotherapy is simple you just place a bag of our fresh or dry serrated wrack into the bath add warm water the seaweed gives of a oil packed full of vitamins and minerals and trace elements your body then absorbs them threw your skin as you relax in the bath.

The isle of bute used to have a seaweed bath house but  it went out of fashion after the ww2 some bath houses in ireland still exist today.

you can buy our spa seaweed in two form Fresh or dry. Fresh is the natural product harvested to order then posted same day .Dry spa baths have been hung dried for a longer shelf live .  

NEW Atlantic kelp body wraps Laminaria Digitata  as seen on tv. makes a perfect christmas gift

Seaweed baths may also help with. 

Hypothyroidism (underactive thyroid gland) check with GP.

Improve blood circulation.

Ease eczema and psoriasis. 

Rejuvenating and toning.

Moisturizing the skin and help to release toxins from the body .

Contribute to weight loss.

Ease aches and pains.




Quality Food Standards

Just Seaweed works closely with the Scottish Food Standards Agency and Argyll and Bute Environmental Health Council.  Iain Mckellar, founder of Just Seaweed is a registered primary food producer with Argyll council.

we use  HACCP Food Safety Compliance and Certification. all our seaweeds are washed and dried in our work unit. 

Our seaweed's are harvested from the same remote 2 mile stretch of shoreline with nothing around apart from a couple of farm houses and some moorland sheep,

Our seaweed's have been independently tested for heavy metals, pesticides. click here to see 2014 test results

also my harvesting area is adjacent to a stretch of coast line designated to shell fish growing, so the water quality is monitored by SEPA,  see short youtube video of our harvesting shore at the bottom of this page .


About Just Seaweed

Just Seaweed is run by Iain Mckellar,  Just Seaweed have been harvesting and selling seaweed's since 2007 from the Isle of Bute on the west coast of Scotland.  We harvest natural, wild, edible sea kelp for consumption and spa bathing.  Our fresh seaweed is carefully cut by hand, packaged then posted to customers all over the world.

Iain personally hand harvests all of the seaweed and kelp that Just Seaweed sell, hand harvesting allows us to see whether the seaweed and kelp's are ready for harvesting.  This means only the highest quality, edible seaweed is picked at exactly the right time and at the right season. 





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so please have patience .

Call 01700 505823 0r 07761022131 

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we can ship our dry saeweeds anywhere in the world.

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 Be Safe Be Sure.

Is the seaweed from one location.   Yes

Seaweed tested for heavy metals.   Yes 

Seaweed tested for pesticides   Yes

Tap water quality tested.  Yes

Sea water monitered by SEPA. Yes

HACCP Food Safety Compliance.    Yes

Sustainable shore harvesting manegment plan.   Yes

See our 2014 testing results here 

SEPA water report here