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    Welcome to Just Seaweed

    We sell the most comprehensive range of mail order seaweeds in the UK, Hand harvested from tested waters, guaranteeing top quality organic seaweeds.

  • Natural Organic Skincare

    We harvest kelp seaweeds for spa bathing. Taking a bath with seaweed isn't as crazy as it sounds; it has been around for hundreds of years. The Greeks called it Thalassotherapy Seaweed bathing can reduce arthritic aches and pains and ease symptoms of eczema and psoriasis.

  • Organic Quality

    Food Standards and Organic Quality
    We are a registered primary food producer with Argyll and Bute Council. We meet Scottish Food Standard Agency food health and hygiene regulations. We have applied the HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) method for quality.



About Just Seaweed

Just Seaweed is run by Iain Mckellar, one of the UK’s leading seaweed experts.  Just Seaweed have been harvesting and selling seaweed's since 2007 from the Isle of Bute on the west coast of Scotland.  We harvest natural, wild, edible sea kelp for consumption and spa bathing.  Our fresh seaweed is carefully cut by hand, packaged then posted to customers all over the world.

Iain personally hand harvests all of the seaweed and kelp that Just Seaweed sell, hand harvesting allows us to see whether the seaweed and kelp's are ready for harvesting.  This means only the highest quality, edible seaweed is picked at exactly the right time and at the right season. 

Healthy seaweed 

Brown kelp.s are top of the healthy food chain. Brown seaweed's are packed with vitamins and minerals. 

After 7 years of selling seaweeds to thousands of customers our brown kelps and wracks outsell green and red seaweeds by 10-1
Sea kelp's are some of the healthiest types of food available.

Seaweeds are high in minerals and trace elements NA, K, CA, MG, ZN, FE.
Brown kelp's are very high in protein. Up to 30% of their dry weight can contain 15 common amino acids.Seaweeds are rich in glutamate's and have several natural flavor enhancement properties.
sea sprigs and bladder wrack are all rich in iodine, calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium, sulphur, silicon, iron phosphorus, selenium, manganese and zinc.Vitamins A, C, E S K G.B12
All brown seaweeds can add umami flavour to meat and fish dishes. Kelp's and wracks are a better source of umami flavouring than red or green seaweed's.
Kelp's can add colour texture and aroma to a dish making it that little bit more special as well as healthy.
Brown seaweed is the best source of vitamin D and B12 .

The super foods in order of popularity

sea sprigs, (channel wrack)

This is by far our biggest seller all the chefs that we supply love this seaweed, used as a sea veg it only needs to be blanched, it has a milled flavor so it can be served with any dish , it turns a lovely green colour when its cooked so it looks grate on a plate it also has nice long 2 week fridge life , milled sea sprigs make a fantastic super healthy food additive due to its very mild flavor the kids wont Even know its in there just add a pinch to any dish ,available fresh and dry or milled.

spiral wrack .fresh, Great sea veg for stir frying or side veg

Bladder wrack (rock weed) best milled bladder wrack rock weed is acked full of vit mins and super high in iodine
The high iodine content of brown kelp's stimulates thyroid function which boosts metabolism and can help in the fight against obesity. check with GP if your unsure.

Red weed's have a medium range of vitamins and mineral content but have a more varied flavor. salty, fishy, Dulse, carrageen, pepper dulse, Tandy, are all red seaweed's.

Green seaweed's are very low in mineral and vitamin's and are generally used as a lovely green colourful garnish with a mild ocean flavor. Sea lettuce, sea grass, gut weed sea garmon are all our green weed's.



No Nonsense Pricing. 

I pride myself on selling my seaweeds at a price to suit all budgets,

from £3.00 a bag to £20.00 kg.

i sell good quality seaweed at a fair price 

If you can find British seaweed for a better price, let me know and i will see if i can match it.




Quality Food Standards

Just Seaweed works closely with the Scottish Food Standards Agency and Argyll and Bute Environmental Health Council.  Iain Mckellar, founder of Just Seaweed is a registered primary food producer with Argyll council.

we use  HACCP Food Safety Compliance and Certification. all our seaweeds are washed and dried in our work unit. 

 Our seaweed's are harvested from the same remote 2 mile stretch of shoreline with nothing around apart from a couple of farm houses and some moorland sheep,

also my harvesting area is adjacent to a stretch of coast line designated to shell fish growing, so the water quality is monitored by SEPA, (lucky me) see short youtube video of our harvesting shore at the bottom of this page .





Seaweed news.

Our next harvesting and posting day will be on Tuesday 22nd April

Have a nice easter

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