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Seaweed – An Excellent Source of Nutrition for Vegetarians and vegans.

                                                                                         Why seaweed ? 

 Brown Kelp seaweeds are the new superfood packed with vitamins A, C, E, S, K, G and B12.  

Seaweeds are high in minerals and trace elements having 56 inc, Sodium, Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium, Zink, Iron, iodine   

Sea vegetables are are rich in Omega 3 Fatty acids, bromine phosphorus starch sugar and fats.  

Each seaweed will have its own claim to fame.  

cooking is very simple its best to use like a vegetable , blanch with boiling water or lightly fry or you can make a kelp stock use the flavors,then throw the kelp away.  

boil, steam, fry, make kombu spaghetti kelp noodles ,use as a stock make a stuffing for chicken,wrap around fish or meat ,add to stews and soups dishes   

You can buy our range in three forms.  

Fresh and wet. Just like any other vegetable - Fresh is best, harvested to order keeps for two weeks in the fridge.  

The most popular fresh sea veg i sell is Sea sprigs ( chefs love it due to its texture , mild flavor and the fact it only needs boiling for 60 seconds.)  

Another really popular Fresh seaweed is Bladderwrack rock kelp this sea veg is great when boiled alongside potatoes. 

Dried whole leaf . Ideal for long shelf life 30 - 50g packs, air-dried in our work unit, 


Dry seaweed has a more intence flavor and is usaly added to stocks and stews as a ingredient 


my most popular dryed seaweeds are Sea sprigs, Bladderwrack, kombu and sweet kombu famous for there umami savory flavor.   

Dry seaweed can also be used as a sea veg when rehighdrated in cold water, again the sea sprigs win the day with people coming back for more 


Health Tea, i grind down dry seaweeds to make a healthy tea, its popular with people looking for a iron and iodine boost, without having to cook , simply brew like any other tea


Three main types of sea-veg.   

Brown kelps.  Channeled wrack (Dulaman), Sea sprigs, Bladder wrack , Egg wrack, Atlantic kelp (kombu) Sweet kelp. (Royal kombu). like all food stuffs (Fresh is best)  

Brown seaweeds all have a  umami flavor which is a Japanese word for savory  (うま味)  umami is the fifth taste after salt sweet sour and bitter. 


Red purple. Dulse (Dilisk), Carrageen (Irish moss), purple laver (Nori), Tandy, mainly spring and summer. 


Green. Sea lettuce, green Aonori, gutt weed (Sea grass) sea garmon. 

Who we are

Founded by Iain McKellar since 2007, the business sells hand-harvested seaweed. Our range of seaweed is harvested from the Isle of Bute on the west coast of Scotland; a location known for high-quality clean sea waters.


The seaweed is separated from the rocks when the tide is low. Iain uses hand harvesting because it maintains the original quality of the kelp. Harvested at the right time and during the right season, guarantees high-quality seaweed and kelp products.



weve been going for 11 years with thousands of coustomers

       Eating 10s of thousands of bags of seaweed







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Be Safe Be Sure.

Is the seaweed from one location.  
Seaweed tested for heavy metals.  
Seaweed tested for pesticides  
Safe harvesting conditions.  
Sea water monitored by SEPA  
HACCP Food Safety Compliance.  
Sustainable shore harvesting management plan.  

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