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we're celebrating 10 years of selling edible seaweed.

10s of thousands of bags have been sent to thousands of happy costomers.




Founded by Iain McKellar since 2007, the business sells hand-harvested seaweed. Our range of seaweed is harvested from the Isle of Bute on the west coast of Scotland; a location known for high-quality clean sea waters.


The seaweed is separated from the rocks when the tide is low. Iain uses hand harvesting because it maintains the original quality of the kelp. Harvested at the right time and during the right season, guarantees high-quality seaweed and kelp products.


Why Seaweed Products?


Seaweed and kelp products are not just tasty but have multiple health benefits. Rich in vitamin A, C, E, S, K, G, and B12. They are also saturated in essential minerals such as sodium, magnesium, zinc, iron, iodine, potassium, and calcium.


Nowadays, we are living highly undisciplined lives. Poor routines include poor eating and sleeping habits along with exposure to an unhealthy environment. As a result, we have developed many premature health issues and are vulnerable to multiple illnesses.


What could be better than using the nature’s gift to us? Seaweed and kelp contain the freshness of the sea while offering multiple health resolutions. Moreover, you can use seaweed in creative ways. Whether you want to “Eat the Shore”, “Drink the Shore” or “Absorb the Shore”, the options are endless.


Pamper your body with the richness of Just Seaweed’s special healthy products.


How to Use Seaweed Products?


You will be surprised how creatively you can use Just Seaweed’s products. Whether you use the seaweed for eating, drinking or applying to the body, you are sure to enjoy great health benefits.


Eat the Shore


Try our “Eat the Shore” products to enjoy edible seaweed and kelp. Both fresh and dry products are available. Use in multiple recipes like kelp noodles, steamed seaweed, dashi stock, chicken stuffing, and more.


Drink the Shore


You can make some delicious drinks with Iain’s blends of seaweed and kelp teas. Give yourself the pampering you deserve with these aromatic and healthy teas. These teas can help you control blood pressure and increase blood iron levels, stimulate an underactive thyroid, help with weight loss, reduce fat, build body muscle, enhance your sex drive, while providing anti-inflammatory properties.


Absorb the Shore


Instead of diving into the sea to experience the freshness, Just Seaweed’s “Absorb the Shore” bath soaks and body wraps will refresh you immensely. Ian used serrated rack seaweed that has well-known benefits for the skin and can ease bodily aches and pains. You can buy the fresh or dry seaweed, . Having a relaxing bath in seaweed or applying the solution to your skin can help soothe psoriasis and eczema, improve blood circulation, rejuvenate, tone, and moisturize some reports say it also can help decrease the appearance of cellulite.




Why Just Seaweed?


Iain has put his heart and soul into harvesting the best seaweed. Each seaweed is produced on the same shore and tested for heavy metals and pesticides. A safe harvesting plan is established to ensure that clients can enjoy the real benefits and seaweed species can be protected by preventing over-harvesting. Just Seaweed also offers great prices for all the products. Get your favorite seaweed products today!



 im looking for people to start there own business selling my seaweed.

sell under your own lable , just buy bulk off me . £200 = 10 dry kilo = 300 packs,

areas available London . Bristol south west. cumbria yorkshire, Glasgow . East Anglia

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we ship worldwide

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Be Safe Be Sure.

Is the seaweed from one location.  
Seaweed tested for heavy metals.  
Seaweed tested for pesticides  
Safe harvesting conditions.  
Sea water monitored by SEPA  
HACCP Food Safety Compliance.  
Sustainable shore harvesting management plan.  

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