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Just Seaweed is a unique business run solely by Iain Mckellar.

Iain has been harvesting and selling seaweeds since 2007 from the Isle of Bute on the west coast of Scotland.

Due to the high quality of seaweed on the isle of Bute, his seaweed has been used  by chefs in top michelin star restaurants all over the world.

The seaweed is carefully cut by hand from the rocks at low tide.

 Hand harvesting allows iain to ensure the seaweeds and kelp's are ready for harvesting, this means only the highest quality edible seaweed is picked at exactly the right time and at the right season.

all species are sustainably harvested from one location, cutting from one set shore allows him to test for heavy metals and pesticides.

 just seaweed implement a safe harvesting plan to monitor each species to prevent over harvesting.

A Quick Guide To My Healthy Edible Seaweed

Brown Kelp seaweeds are the new superfood packed with vitamins A, C, E, S, K, G and B12.

Seaweeds are also high in minerals and trace elements NA, K, CA, MG, ZN and FE.

Some sea vegetables are very high in protein - up to 30% of their dry weight and can contain 15 common amino acids.

Three main types of sea-veg.

Brown kelps.   Channeled wrack (Dulaman), Sea sprigs, Bladder wrack , Egg wrack, Atlantic kelp (kombu) Sweet kelp. (Royal kombu). like all food stuffs (Fresh is best)

Brown seaweeds all have a  umami flavor which is a Japanese word for savory  (うま味) umami is the fifth taste after salt sweet sour and bitter.

Red purple.Dulse (Dilisk), Carrageen (Irish moss), purple laver (Nori), Tandy, mainly spring and summer.

Green. Sea lettuce, green Aonori, gutt weed (Sea grass) sea garmon





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Be Safe Be Sure.

Is the seaweed from one location.  
Seaweed tested for heavy metals.  
Seaweed tested for pesticides  
Safe harvesting conditions.  
Sea water monitored by SEPA  
HACCP Food Safety Compliance.  
Sustainable shore harvesting management plan.  

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