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Mobile 07858765367- we only get a signal on parts of the island, please be patient

Office Hours: Mon-Thur 10am - 4pm




Uk shipping is for any seaweed fresh or dry, any quantity.

i can not ship fresh wet seaweed outside the uk,customs security do not like fesh organic matter being sent  through custom machines this includes southern ireland, usa and EU, so dry seaweed only please.

As of april 2017 all royal mail parcels are sent with a tracking bar code,1st class post 1-3 days in the post system, 2nd class post  3-5 days in postal system, so if your order has not arrived as expected , ( DONT PANIC ). 

I try to have the best prices on the internet with regular £2 a pack sales, so i can get very busy as a result i cant reply to emails every day nor answer the phone as soon as you ring ,sorry i do not have any staff i will get back to you at some point.


If you feel you must place anonymous reviews with third party review sites please remember,

 Review sites want your data and then want to blackmail the company (me) to pay £500 a year for the privilage to replly to revenge bad reviews and or farm good ones by inviting costomers to post anonymous 5 star ratings for there products (thats how they make money)  please remember i sell thousands of bags of seaweed a year,

Things some times go wrong. it its only seaweed at the end of the day.

 My self / paypal or amazon will always garentee your not out of pocket if there is a problem and im at fault.