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A Quick Guide To My Healthy Edible Seaweed

Brown Kelp seaweeds are the new superfood packed with vitamins A, C, E, S, K, G and B12.

Seaweeds are high in minerals and trace elements having 56 inc, Sodium, Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium, Zink, Iron, iodine 

Sea vegetables are are rich in Omega 3 Fatty acids, bromine phosphorus starch sugar and fats.

Each seaweed will have its own claim to fame. 

You can cook seaweed like a vegetable or cook with the seaweed and use the flavors,then throw the weed away.

boil, steam, fry, make kombu spaghetti kelp noodles ,use as a stock make a stuffing for chicken,wrap around fish or meat ,add to water when boiling vegetables


You can buy our range in two forms.

Fresh and wet. Just like any other vegetable - Fresh is best, harvested to order  100-200g  packs

The most popular Fresh sea veg i sell is Sea sprigs chefs love it due to its texture mild flavor and the fact it only needs boiling for 60 seconds.

Another really popular Fresh seaweed is Bladderwrack rock kelp this sea veg is great when boiled alongside potatos  


Dried whole leaf . Ideal for long shelf life 30 - 50g packs, air-dried in our work unit,

Dry seaweed has a more intence flavor and is usaly added  to stocks and stews as a ingredient

my most popular dryed seaweeds are Bladderwrack  kombu  and sweet kombu famous for there umami savory flavor.

Dry seaweed can also be used as a sea veg when rehighdrated in cold water, again the sea sprigs win the day with people coming back for more

Bladderwrack seaweed dry whole leaf is popular with people looking for a seaweed high in iron and iodine.

Three main types of sea-veg. 

Brown kelps.   Channeled wrack (Dulaman), Sea sprigs, Bladder wrack , Egg wrack, Atlantic kelp (kombu) Sweet kelp. (Royal kombu). like all food stuffs (Fresh is best)

Brown seaweeds all have a  umami flavor which is a Japanese word for savory  (うま味)  umami is the fifth taste after salt sweet sour and bitter.

Red purple. Dulse (Dilisk), Carrageen (Irish moss), purple laver (Nori), Tandy, mainly spring and summer.

Green. Sea lettuce, green Aonori, gutt weed (Sea grass) sea garmon

Trivia factoid. Brown seaweeds don't taste salty or fishy,



 Q. I have never tried seaweed before, which one should I try first?

 A. Channel wrack, (sea sprigs), it's the easiest to cook and prepare and has a mild flavour.its a brown seaweed thats changes to green when cooked.

Q I want to lose weight which saweed is best ?

A.  seaweed is a super food but its not a silver bullet adding seaweeds like Bladderwrack kombu and nori to your diet can help with weight lose these seaweeds when fresh ,have nearly all the vitamin minerals and trace elements the body needs.

Q. iv been told seaweed is a good source of iron  ?

A. most brown and red seaweeds contain a good amount of iron 

Q. i have a underactive Thyriod (Hypothyroidism) can seaweed help ?

A. yes seaweed, especially Bladderwrack, kombu, sweet kombu are high in iodine which is proven to stimulate the thyriod gland  

 Q. Is the seaweed harvested from clean, unpolluted water?

 A  Yes, our seaweeds are harvested from tested and monitored waters within a shell-fishing area. We only use one stretch of shore on the Isle of Bute, Scotland. 

 Q  Do seaweeds taste fishy?

 A  Some green and red seaweeds taste fishy, brown kelps, wracks and kombus do not.

 Q  What is Umami ?

 A  Umami is the fifth sense of taste on the tongue.

1 Sweet

2 Sour

3 Salty

4 Bitter

5 Umami (savory)

Kelp has a much higher Umami flavouring ability than other sources, eg,  beanito, shitake mushrooms and tomatoes.


 Q  Which is best Fresh or Dried ?

  A  It all depends on what you want to use it for. If you want a side veg or you are making soup then you should use fresh, but if you are looking for a flavouring umami or healthy additive then try dry seaweeds.

The drying process changes the flavour of the seaweed but loses some vitamin and mineral content. If you are looking for a healthy ingredient then fresh or dry - they are both worth trying. 

 Q.  Can you eat seaweed raw? 

 A  No. We do not sell fresh seaweed for eating raw, it is supplied for cooking because sea water will contain naturally growing bacteria and coli-forms - this is not pollution, it's just natural in UK and Irish waters. Food standards have to be met and we do not advise people to eat fresh or dry seaweed raw. 

You need to be sure you wash and cook your fresh and dry seaweeds over 72 degrees. 

 Q  How do I store seaweed?

 A  Keep fresh seaweeds in the fridge and dry seaweeds in a dark, dry store - it tells you on the label.

 Q.  How long will fresh seaweed keep before it goes off ?

 A   Fresh seaweed will keep from between 1-2 weeks depending on the type of seaweed, this is clearly marked on the label.

 Q How will my seaweed arrive ?

 A  We post seaweeds via Royal Mail. You can use first class or next day delivery if you wish - but don't worry, seaweeds can live for days or even weeks out of sea water with no ill-effects. Remember next day delivery is the next day after posting, please allow time for harvesting.

 Q. Do you deliver to other countries outside the UK?

 A Yes, we post dry and milled seaweeds (not fresh) to anywhere in the world. You will be asked for your country at the checkout and postage will be calculated for you. Don't worry, you can cancel at any time before you buy.

  Q  Do you need a licence to commercially harvest seaweed ?

 A  No. But we have a permit from the Crown Estate to harvest seaweeds below the low tide line. Seaweeds harvested above the low tide line can be harvested with the permission of  local government and land owners subject to food standard testing and registration.

 Q.  Is your seaweed farmed ?

 A . No. All our seaweeds grow naturally on the rocks on our shore .

Q.  Do you dive from boats to harvest seaweed ?

A.  No, i consider this practice Dangerous as seaweed grows on rocks near the shore, there is no need to dive for it, you just wait for a lower tide

this parctice should be band, safety before profit its just greed

some major supermarkets are selling free dived seaweed.

 Q.  Do you mechanically harvest your seaweed?

 A.  No. We do not use any dredging boats or machines to harvest our seaweeds. The process is completed by hand using a small knife and a bucket.

 Q. How do you dry your seaweeds ?

 A. Our seaweeds are dried on ropes and trays in our work unit. We can no longer dry seaweeds on the shore due to danger of contaminaton, We don't use drying machines, tumble driers or ovens, we just repeatedly hand turn the seaweed in the natural air until it is dry.