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Fantastic seaweed at a fantastic price

Seaweed for skin and health care

I harvest serrated wrack seaweed which has been used for generations for skin care and to ease aches and pains.

Thalassotherapy is simple you just place a bag of our fresh or dry serrated wrack into the bath add warm water the seaweed gives of a oil packed full of vitamins and minerals and trace elements your body then absorbs them through your skin as you relax in the bath.

You can buy our spa seaweed in two forms - fresh or dry. Fresh is the natural product harvested to order then posted same day.

When you mix Brown serrated wrack seaweed with warm water it releases a rich oil packed full of minerals and vitamins.

When this seaweed oil is placed over the skin, your skin then absorbs the goodness from the seaweed oil.

Your skin will be left soft and smooth.

detoxifyind treatment 

Soaking in a Seaweed bath can help with .

Hypothyroidism (underactive thyroid gland) - check with GP.

psoriasis and eczema

Improving blood circulation.

Rejuvenating and toning.

Moisturising the skin and helping to release toxins from the body .

Contributing to weight loss.

Easing aches and pains


From the (bath shop) you can buy seaweed for bath soaks.

You can order fresh or dry - they are the same seaweed, the only difference is the shelf life.

Fresh seaweed bath - 2 weeks.

Dry seaweed bath - 1 year.

All you do is place the seaweed from the bag into a bath or a bowl of fairly warm water - not hot, you don't want to cook the seaweed.

After 5 minutes the oil will start to release from the seaweed, let the oil coat your skin soak for 20 mins then you are done!

You can use a whole bag in a bath or put part of a bag in a bowl  of water and apply the oil with a sponge.

You can soak the oil anywhere on the body or face as often as you like.

You can re-use the seaweed again and again for up to two weeks until it stops giving off oil - just put it back in the reseal bag and keep in the fridge.