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WANTED re sellers, opportunity's available for all areas.

Start your own business.
Buy my seaweed wholesale pack and re-label under your own name .
sell in your area and online ebay, amazon, google, local farmers markets restaurants shops
£20 a kilo minimum 10 kilo order.
25.- 30 g packs = 30 - 40 packs per kilo = 300- 400 pks. 50p - .66p a pack
sea sprigs
Bladderwrack .
sea sprigs.
sea oak..
for more info just contact me

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Thinking of being a reseller here is wot you should be thinking of. all you will be doing is re packing dry seaweed, labeling and selling under your own name . the benefits are, you wont need to live near the sea you wont need to harvest and deal with the all the licenses and parasitic quangos that come with cutting seaweed off the shore. you wont need large premises for washing drying. you wont need to deal with all the red tape that comes with being a primary food producer. i will only sell to one person per area, exept london and a couple of other big citys where it will only be a few. you will want to be near or have access to a city or large town. you will be able to offer delis butchers fish mongers green grocers health shops and mini marts a good competitive price as you are small with no over heads no staff no postage . its up to you wot you charge its your seaweed your biz.. if you can get on a local market stall all the better, food and farmers markets are great. local hotels and restaurants love to deal with locals face to face you are free to sell online but that wont be enough it takes years to get a website number 1 on google. i dont sell on amazon ebay or other online markets except google search. nor do i supply retail shops it dosnt work for me living on a island with just the royal mail for delivering. you will need a dedicated clean room for packing a printer for labels, scales and product bags / pouches for shops (ebay is good to buy packaging in small amounts) most of all you will need enthusiasm and some get up and go. £200 . 10 kilos gets you approx enough for 300 packs depends on weight you are selling and size of bag. share this to anyone you think would like a start up business Kombu sea sprigs Bladderwrack . sea sprigs. sea oak.. buy now and simply email wot types of seaweed you would like contact me for more info


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